teffielynne's Journal

29 May
I am a 28-year old wife and mother of three! I graduated with my B.S. in Behavioural Neuroscience in May of 2010 and I am now attending grad school. I'm working on getting my EdS in School Psychology. I enjoy reading and doing artsy stuff. My journal is an unusual mix of randomness about my life, my kids, and all of my Sim stuff. Oh yeah...I love The Sims 2... I play it, create for it, blog about it, etc... So, fair warning that I post Sims stuff (I do use LJ cuts, though).

I am NOT a fan of Twilight. I am NOT a fan of Glee. I don't care if you are, but I am not. If you gush on and on about either of them on my journal I may delete the comments, ban you, or simply subject you to a long and scathing retort detailing every reason behind why I don't like whichever one you gushed about! You have your own journal, you can gush all you want there. Unless opinions are asked for, I will not go to your journal and comment about how much I loathe Twilight/Glee. I expect the same respect to be shown to me on my journal.

My awesome Firefly mood theme is courtesy of emesque!
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